7 Phrases To Sound More American


Americans tend to use simple, short words in endless combinations as a substitute for long, complicated words. Get into the habit of using them regularly in your speech and you will get understood better:

1. Give way – end resistance, as under pressure or force:
My excitement gave way to fear. Or Don’t give way to despair!

2. Let go – To stop holding someone or something: Adam let go of the reins.
Not to take an action: Some of the pictures were out of focus, but I let it go.

3. Here we go/There you go – used to express confirmation, triumph, or resignation.
Here we go – an event is about to take place: So let’s get started? — Sure! Here we go!
There you go – the event has already started: Well there you go, problem solved.

4. Yet
– Isn’t something that was stated it would be: Are we having fun yet?
So far, up to now: No one has found a solution as yet.

5. Be around
To be present at or come to a certain place: Will you be around tomorrow?
To exist, be relevant: Yes, I’m still around after all these years.

6. Nowhere to be found
Hard to find: The papers were nowhere to be found.

7. Pencil in.
To schedule something tentatively: The secretary penciled in a staff meeting for 3:00.
To schedule a tentative appointment with someone: We penciled him in for lunch next Monday. 

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