Why Brits Sing with an American Accent?


Famous singers who speak with British accents, sound so naturally American in their songs. Listen to them in this video:

  • When Adele sings β€œNever mind I’ll find someone like you”, she elongates β€œI” in β€œmind”, so it sounds American, unlike a usual British clip.
  • Mike Jagger (The Rolling Stones) sings in β€œAngie” – β€œWith no lovin’ in our souls and no money in our coats” – β€œo’s” sound like American β€œah’s”. In British accent they would be way much rounder and shorter.
  • Bono (U2), β€œOne” – β€œIs it getting better”– he really sings β€œis it geDDin beDDer” – replacing β€œt’s” with β€œd’s” in a very American manner.

So why do you think they are doing that? There are two possible answers:
1. Singing prevents vocalists from stressing syllables – they become neutralized
2. They do it deliberately to sound American to reach an American audience

Which in your mind is correct?