I know how it feels

to be a non-native speaker when trying to serve American clients…

KOnstantin FominykhMy name is Konstantin Fominykh. Before I tell you my story, there is a simple question for you to answer:

Would you pay $20 for this meal? spagetti on the floor How about this one? spagetti

You don’t need to answer, it is too obvious. A simple act of not putting spaghetti on a plate (SLOPPY DELIVERY) can reduce its value almost entirely – never mind that the nutritional content is the SAME! Appearances and perceptions of HOW you say matter far more before people get to the essence of what you can do. Your delivery could filter out the message.

Here is my story

This video is a quick summary of our approach:

US markets are huge but enormously competitive – you have to fight for your place under the Sun. You would need to get burnt a few times to fully appreciate the need to close all possible gaps, including communication, including the Accent, and so much more. Remember Al Pacino’s speech from the movie Any Given Sunday:

So let’s play this game of inches. Will appreciate your comments and thoughts.

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